Statistical Variable

A statistical variable is each of the characteristics or qualities that the individuals of a population possess.

Types of Statistical Variables

Categorical Variable

Nominal categorical variables are non-numerical forms that do not admit an order criterion. For example:

The marital status of the population with the following forms: single, married, separated, divorced and widower.

Ordinal Variable

An ordinal qualitative variable represents non-numerical forms, in which there is an order. For example:

Test grades: fail, satisfactory, good, outstanding.

Sports Medals: gold, silver, bronze.

Quantitative Variable

A quantitative variable is expressed in numerical form, therefore arithmetic operations can be performed. There are two types:

Discrete Variable

A discrete variable does not admit intermediate values between two specific numbers. It is represented by whole integer values. For example:

The number of brothers of 5 friends: 2, 1, 0, 1, 3.

Continuous Variable

A continuous variable can take values between two numbers. For example:

The height of 5 friends measured in meters : 1.73, 1.82, 1.77, 1.69, 1.75.