Exercises: 'To have got' - Simple present

Ejercicios II- Verbo 'to have': 'Have/has got'

Escribe la forma contraída del verbo to have ('ve got, 's got, haven't got, hasn't got), según corresponda.

1 Mrs White (not)
a dog.

Mrs White hasn't got a dog.

2 Peter
two brothers.

Peter's got two brothers.

3 You
so beautiful eyes, Susan.

You've got so beautiful eyes, Susan.

4 We (not)
a big flat near Dublin.

We haven't got a big flat near Dublin.

5 There is a woman in America who
9 children.

There is a woman in America who's got 9 children.

6 We
lots of friends.

We've got lots of friends.

7 That city (not)
any library. no rivers.

That city hasn't got any library.

8 My sister (not)
short dark hair.

My sister hasn't got short dark hair.

9 My new boss (not)
any brother.

My new boss hasn't got any brother.

10 I (not)
a new iPod.

I haven't got a new iPod.