Exercises: 'To do' - 'Do' y 'make' I

Usos de 'do' y 'make'

Completa las siguientes oraciones eligiendo la opción correcta entre 'do' y 'make'

1 Could you me a favor?

Could you do me a favor?

2 Susan the decision.

Susan makes the decision.

3 It's easy to a mistake.

It's easy to make a mistake.

4 Just your best.

Just do your best.

5 She money.

She didn't make money.

6 She should an effort.

She should make an effort.

7 I my homework after dinner.

I don't do my homework after dinner.

8 the cleaning every afternoon?

Does she do the cleaning every afternoon?

9 This photograph justice to Julie.

This photograph doesn't do justice to Julie.

10 When the plan?

When did you make the plan?