Exercises: 'To do' - Simple past interrogative

'To do': Pasado simple interrogativo

Completa las siguientes oraciones utilizando el verbo to do como auxiliar y como verbo principal de la oración, según corresponda:

1 How
(she) that?

How did she do that?

2 What time
(he) his exam?

What time did he do his exam?

3 Why
(not you) this puzzle?

Why didn't you do this puzzle?
Why did you not do this puzzle?

4 Who
the gardening?

Who did the gardening?

(you) the shopping yesterday?

Did you do the shopping yesterday?

6 When
(he) the dishes?

When did he do the dishes?

(not any of you) something interesting?

Didn't any of you do something interesting?
Did none of you not do something interesting?

8 How many students
their homework yesterday?

How many students did their homework yesterday?

9 When
(Lucy) the quiz?

When did Lucy do the quiz?

10 Where
(your boss) business last month?

Where did your boss do business last month?