Exercises: 'To do' - Simple present interrogative II

Ejercicios de 'to do': presente simple interrogativo

Construye las siguiente oraciones a negativas o interrogativas, según corresponda.

1 They do the gardening every weekend.

Do they do the gardening every weekend?

2 This machine does this all the time.

Does this machine do this all the time?

3 Susan doesn't do her exercises.

Does Susan not do her exercises?
Doesn't Susan do her exercises?

4 My friend Susan likes pizza.

Does my friend Susan like pizza?

5 You do your best.

Do you do your best?

6 Our friends don't read romantic novels.

Do our friends not read romantic novels?
Don't our friends read romantic novels?

7 My brother plays football every Monday.

Does my brother play football every Monday?

8 Tom and his company do business there.

Do Tom and his company do business there?

9 My cousin doesn't live in Miami.

Does my cousin not live in Miami?
Doesn't my cousin live in Miami?

10 She and her husband do the cooking.

Do she and her husband do the cooking?