Exercises: 'To do' - Simple present negative II

Ejercicios de 'to do': presente simple negativo

Pasa las siguiente oraciones a negativas.

1 She does her work.

She does not (doesn't) do her work.

2 My sister does the shopping.

My sister does not (doesn't) do the shopping.

3 We do our best.

We do not (don't) do our best.

4 We drink mineral water.

We do not (don't) drink mineral water.

5 Our mother does the gardening.

Our mother does not (doesn't) do the gardening.

6 She loves her job.

She does not (doesn't) love her job.

7 Photos does justice to his brother's personality.

Photos do not (don't) do justice to his brother's personality.

8 My parents work there.

My parents do not (don't) work there.

9 Tom does business in South Africa.

Tom does not (doesn't) do business in South Africa.

10 She cooks every night.

She does not (doesn't) cook every night.