Simple present interrogative

Presente simple interrogativo


Do/does + sujeto + verbo?


Forma larga Do/does + sujeto + not + verbo?
Forma corta Don´t/doesn´t + sujeto + verbo?
Afirmativo Negativo
Do I play...? Do I not play...? Don't I play...?
Do you play...? Do you not play...? Don't you play...?
Does he play...? Does he not play...? Doesn't he play...?
Does she play...? Does she not play...? Doesn't she play...?
Does it play...? Does it not play...? Doesn't it play...?
Do we play...? Do we not play...? Don't we play...?
Do you play...? Do you not play...? Don't you play...?
Do they play...? Do they not play...? Don't they play...?


Do I eat this dessert? ¿Me como este postre?
Don't you speak English? ¿No hablas inglés?
Does he know him? ¿Le conoce?
Doesn't she play the violin? ¿No toca el violin?
Does it float? ¿Flota?
Don't we study this subject? ¿No estudiamos este tema?
Do you go to the cinema? ¿Vais al cine?
Don't they smoke? ¿No fuman?


Pasa a la forma interrogativa las siguientes oraciones:

1 She writes her emails every morning.

Does she write her emails every morning?

2 The meeting finishes at ten.

Does the meeting finish at ten?

3 My sister studies every afternoon.

Does my sister study every afternoon?

4 You and your wife make a lot of money.

Do you and your wife make a lot of money?

5 Our mother watches TV every night.

Does our mother watch TV every night?

6 His companies depend on government-sponsored funding sources.

Do his companies depend on government-sponsored funding sources?

7 Practising yoga increases flexibility and strength.

Does practising yoga increase flexibility and strength?

8 His parents fly cheaply using low-priced companies.

Do his family fly cheaply using low-priced companies?

9 Your new friend goes to the cinema every weekend.

Does your new friend go to the cinema every weekend?

10 First snows usually starts in November.

Do first snows usually start in November?