Exercises: Past continuous I

Ejercicios del pasado continuo I

Escribe la forma del pasado continuo afirmativo de los siguientes verbos.

1 The phone rang while I (have) breakfast.

was having

2 It (get) dark when I left them at home.

was getting

3 The thief didn´t steal me because I (look) at him.

was looking

4 Tom didn´t ride his bike to school yesterday because he (feel) bad.

was feeling

5 You (watch) TV yesterday night.

were watching

6 It (rain) all the day.

was raining

7 They couldn´t sleep because they (drink) coffee all the afternoon.

were drinking

8 His son (play) computer games yesterday afternoon.

was playing

9 We (sit) on the grass while having a picnic.

were sitting

10 You (sleep) more than ten hours.

were sleeping