Exercises: Past simple and past continuous III

Ejercicios del pasado simple y pasado continuo III

Formula las siguientes oraciones con la forma verbal que corresponda.

Ejemplo: Lucy / read / this novel
Did Lucy read this novel? Yes, she was reading it last week.

1 You / go/ to the concert?
No, we (work) until midnight.

'Did you go to the concert?' 'No, we were working until midnight.'

2 You / meet / Lisa while you / study / at university?
Yes, we (be) at the same class.

'Did you meet Lisa while you were studying at university?' 'Yes, we were at the same class.'

3 You / not phone / him at lunch time?
No, I (do) .

'Did you phone him at lunch time?' 'No, I did not (didn't).'

4 You / do / your homework yesterday?
No, but I (do) it this morning.

'Did you do your homework yesterday?' 'No, but I did it this morning.'

5 It / rain / when you woke up yesterday?
No, it .

'Was it raining when you woke up yesterday?' 'No, it was not (wasn't).'

6 You / work / when I /call/ you / last Sunday?
Yes, I .

'Were you working when I called you last Sunday?' 'Yes, I was.'

7 Who / drive/ the car when it/ crash?
It me.

'Who was driving the car when it crashed?' 'It was me.'

8 You / be/ born the same year as your sister?
Yes, I .

'Were you born the same year as your sister?' 'Yes, I was.'