Exercises: Past simple and past continuous I

Ejercicios del pasado simple y pasado continuo I

Escribe la forma del pasado simple o continuo, según corresponda.

1 When the earthquake (begin) , they (sleep) .

When the earthquake began, they were sleeping.

2 He (buy) that picture because the woman in it (smile) .

He bought that picture because the woman in it was smiling.

3 Last night, I (wake) up at 4 o'clock and unfortunately I (can) fall sleep again.

Last night, I woke up at 4 o'clock and I could not (couldn't) fall sleep again.

4 When my sister (not use) the camera, I (break) it.

When my sister was not (wasn't) using the camera, I broke it.

5 While we (watch) the football match, he (go) to bed.

While we were watching the football match, he went to bed.

6 My boyfriend (jog) when he (meet) my mother.

My boyfriend was jogging when he met my mother.

7 While she (wait) for him, she (switch) on the radio.

While she was waiting for him, she switched on the radio.

8 My daughter (have) a nightmare when the alarm (go) off.

My daughter was having a nightmare when the alarm went off.

9 The sun (not shine) when I (get) up this morning.

The sun was not (wasn't) shining when I got up this morning.

10 My parents (find) that photo when they (tidy) the garage.

My parents found that photo when they were tidying the garage.