Exercises: Past continuous III

Ejercicios del pasado continuo interrogativo

Escribe oraciones interrogativas con la forma del pasado continuo de los siguientes verbos.

1 (My brother / help)
you last night?

Was my brother helping you last night?

2 (The class / begin)
when we arrived?

Was the class beginning when we arrived?

3 Didn't you smoke while (you / drive)

Didn't you smoke while you were driving?

4 (It / not snow)
during all night?

Was it not snowing during all night?
Wasn't it snowing during all night?

5 (It / not get)
dark at 4 p.m.?

Was it not getting dark at 4 p.m.?
Wasn't it getting dark at 4 p.m.?

6 (I / not play)
football at five yesterday?

Wasn't I playing football at five yesterday?

7 (She / do)
the exam?

Was she doing the exam?

18 (The teachers / not explain)
the lesson?

Were the teachers not explaining the lesson?
Weren't the teachers explaining the lesson?

9 (They / not get)
married that day one year ago?

Were they not getting married that day one year ago?
Weren't they getting married that day one year ago?

10 (She / wear)
in red color yesterday?

Was she wearing in red color yesterday?