Exercises: Past continuous II

Ejercicios del pasado continuo negativo

Escribe la forma del pasado continuo negativo de los siguientes verbos.

1 John (read) the magazine.

was not (wasn't) reading

2 When my husband arrived I (light) the candles.

was not(wasn't) lighting

3 I (talk) to Peter on the phone.

was not (wasn't) talking

4 The boy (draw) all the afternoon.

was not (wasn't) drawing

5 We (work) during the summer.

were not (weren't) working

6 The sun (shine) but it was warm.

was not (wasn't) shining

7 The shop (close) when he arrived.

was not (wasn't) closing

8 She (watch) a film during the flight.

was not (wasn't) watching

9 Mary (drive) home while I (make) dinner.

was not (wasn't) driving / was not (wasn't) making

10 We (do) exercise before you arrived.

were not (weren't) doing