Exercises: Present perfect simple and continuous

Presente perfecto afirmativo, negativo e interrogativo

Formula las siguientes oraciones con la forma verbal del 'present perfect'.

1 She (not wake) up at 6.30.

She's not (has not / hasn't) woken up at 6.30.

2 I (not find) a new job.

I've not/ I have not/ I haven't found a new job.

3 (She work) very hard?

Has she worked very hard?

4 They (spend) all their money.

The've / They have spent all their money.

5 She (not teach) in her life.

She's not (has not/hasn't) taught in her life.

6 (We not buy) a new house?

Have we not (Haven't we) bought a new house?

7 We (put) on weight suddenly.

We've / We have put on weight suddenly.

8 He (not sleep) well lately.

He's not (has not/hasn't) slept well lately

9 We (meet) very interesting people.

We've / We have met very interesting people

10 (She ever play) football?

Has she ever played football?