Exercises: Present perfect simple

Presente perfecto interrogativo

Formula las siguientes oraciones con la forma verbal que corresponda.

Not Hasn´t she read a novel last week?
Yes, she has read a novel last week.

1 (Not) ?
No, their parents haven't broken any bones in the accident.

Have their parents not broken any bones in the accident?
Haven't their parents broken any bones in the accident?

2 ?
Yes, Tom has skied this winter.

Has Tom skied this winter?

3 ?
Yes, James and Sally have appeared on TV.

Have James and Sally appeared on TV?

4 ?
No, his grandfather hasn´t written a book.

Has his grandfather written a book?

5 (Not) ?
Yes, they have played football this evening.

Have they not played football this evening?
Haven't they played football this evening?

6 ?
No, he hasn´t had a black dog.

Has he had a black dog?

7 ?
Yes, our neighbours have visited three countries.

Have our neighbours visited three countries?

8 (Not/your parents) ?
No, my parents haven´t seen your sister today.

Have your parents not (Haven´t your parents) seen your sister today

9 (Not) ?
No, they haven´t cooked pasta.

Have they not cooked pasta?
Haven't they cooked pasta?

10 (Not) ?
Yes, she has won the competition.

Has she not won the competition?
Hasn't she won the competition?