Exercises: Present perfect simple III

Presente perfecto negativo

Escribe el verbo en la forma negativa del presente perfecto

1 They (dance)
all night.

They've not (haven't / have not) danced all night.

2 They (do)
their homework very quickly.

They've not (have not / haven't) done their homework very quickly.

3 I (help)
him with his sons.

You´ve not (haven't / have not) helped him with his sons.

4 They (spend)
their holidays in Turkey.

They´ve not (haven't / have not) spent their holidays in Turkey.

5 My father (send)
me a text message from his work mobile.

My father's not (hasn't / has not) sent me a text message form his work mobile.

6 Lucy (be)
my best friend for years.

Lucy's not (hasn't / has not) been my best friend for years.

7 You (work)
very hard for your company.

You've not (haven't / have not) worked very hard for your company.

8 He (buy)
a dozen eggs.

He's not (hasn't / has not) bought a dozen eggs.

9 I (live)
here all my life.

I've not (haven't / have not) lived here all my life.

10 They (know)
each other since university.

They've not (haven't/have not) known each other since university.