Exercises: Present perfect simple + yet/already/just

Presente perfecto + yet/already/just

Escribe las siguientes oraciones con el verbo en presente perfecto y coloca los adverbios 'yet', 'just' y 'already' donde corresponda.

1 She / already / know / all her neighbours in a week

She's (has) already known all her neighbours in a week.

2 The postman / not arrive / yet?

Has the postman not arrived yet?
Hasn't the postman arrived yet?

3 You / have breakfast / yet?

Have you had breakfast yet?

4 My son / go / already / to bed

My son's (has) already gone to bed.

5 You / not be bored / yet / in your job?

Have you not (Haven´t you) been bored in your job yet?

6 I / not be / yet / in your new house

I have not (haven't) been in your new house yet.

7 He / have just / a shower

He's (has) just had a shower.

8 The programme / not start / yet

The programme has not (hasn't) started yet.

9 We / watch already / that film twice

We have already watched that film twice.

10 You / not miss yet/ the bus
, it´s leaving in a minute.

You've not (have not/haven't) missed the bus yet.