Exercises: Present perfect simple + just, ever, for, since

Presente perfecto + just, ever, for, since

Escribe las siguientes oraciones poniendo el verbo en presente perfecto y el adverbio donde corresponda.

1 I / meet just / your sister

I've (have) just met your sister.

2 You / see / ever / a hurricane?

Have you ever seen a hurricane?

3 It / stop / just / raining

It's (has) just stopped raining.

4 We / not live / for/ in London / three years

We have not (haven't) lived in London for three years.

5 Your grandfather / be / ever/ in a hospital?

Has your grandfather ever been in a hospital?

6 You /not visit / since / me / I was a child

You've not (have not/haven't) visited me since I was a child.

7 My parents / be / for / married / more than fifty years

My parents have been married for more than fifty years.

8 We / not be / for / all together / nearly a year

We've not (have not / haven't) been all together for nearly a year.