Exercises: Present simple negative exercises II

Ejercicios del presente simple negativo II

Presente simple negativo. Escribe el verbo en verde en presente simple negativo.

1 Peter (not to talk) to many people.

Peter does not (doesn't) talk to many people.

2 Elephants (not to live) in Europe.

Elephants do not (don't) live in Europe.

3 The train (not to leave) until five.

The train does not (doesn't) leave until five.

4 You (not to learn) very fast.

You do not (don't) learn very fast.

5 She (not to cry) no more over a thing like this.

She doesn't cry no more over a thing like this.

6 Mary (not to eat) too much pasta.

Mary does not (doesn't) eat too much pasta.

7 Please, (not to open) the window.

Please, do not (don't) open the window.

8 My family (not to care) about me.

My family do not (don't) care about me.

9 I (not to drink) milk every day.

I do not (don't) drink milk every days.

10 Steve and his wife (not to go) shopping together.

Steve and his wife do not (don't) go shopping together.