Exercises: Present simple and continuous exercises III

Ejercicios de presente simple y continuo III

Elige el tiempo verbal adecuado entre presente simple o continuo.

1 My brother at the sea now.

My brother is swimming at the sea now.

2 I always my homework.

I always do my homework.

3 Mary TV at the moment.

Mary is watching TV at the moment.

4 My grandmother never on the beach.

My grandmother never sunbathes on the beach.

5 My friends sometimes tennis after school.

My friends sometimes play tennis after school.

6 We in the garden now.

We are sitting in the garden now.

7 Mum dinner at the moment.

Mum is making dinner at the moment.

8 You always to work.

You always drive to work.

9 We usually on holiday at Christmas.

We usually go on holiday at Christmas.

10 She never her room.

She never tidies her room.