Exercises: Past perfect continuous III

Pasado perfecto continuo afirmativo, negativo e interrogativo

Elige la opción correcta entre el past perfect y el past perfect continuous.

1 My mother ___ really angry with me because I ___ all my exams.

2 If I ____, I wouldn't be here right now.

3 She noticed Louise's attention ____ at her daughter.

4 The entire scene with the three witches ____ from Macbeth.

5 He said the conspiracy to falsify the books ____ by his corporate superiors.

6 Everyone knew the cattle ____ but one knew from whom.

7 The beach house they usually rented ____ at the last minute.

8 For a moment the boy believed he _____ and was just now waking.

9 I later learned that they ____ a local song of welcome.

10 Living on the edge of town, she ____ a country girl.