Exercises: Past perfect continuous II

Pasado perfecto continuo afirmativo, negativo e interrogativo

Elige la opción correcta entre el past perfect y el past perfect continuous.

1 When I got home, my mother ___ off the TV because she ___ the news.

2 They ____ for hours and ____ track of the time.

3 I ____ about moving last week.

4 When the factory closed she ___ there for 20 years.

5 I was sad when I ___ my house because I ___ it for a long time.

6 They were very tired when they ___ home because they ___ all afternoon.

7 Susan and Mary ___ good friends. They ___ each other since primary school.

8 The boxer ___ a black eye because he ___ the night before.

9 I ___ for ten minutes when, suddenly, a car ___ in front of me.

10 Mrs Simpson ___ the piano for about five minutes when the ceiling ___ over her.