Exercises: Present and Past (simple, continuous and perfect)

Ejercicios del presente y pasado (simple, continuo y perfecto)

Elige la opción correcta de los verbos en las siguientes oraciones.

1 What exactly ____ after I left your office yesterday afternoon?

2 Who ____ the bus at the time of the accident?

3 My parents ____ in that restaurant before so they knew what to order.

4 While I ____ a bath somebody knocked at the door.

5 As she ____ she tried to remember what had happened.

6 ____ vegetables lately?

7 Although it rained all the week, I didn't mind, since I ____.

8 Before she went to the concert she ____ her hair.

9 My grandmother ____ TV before the lights went out.

10 While he ____ her suitcase he realized he had not booked the hotel.