Past continuous negative

Pasado continuo negativo

La estructuras del pasado continuo en forma negativa son:

Forma larga Sujeto + was/were + not + verbo en forma -ing
Forma corta Sujeto + wasn't/weren't + verbo en forma -ing
Forma larga Forma corta
I was not working I wasn't working
You were not working You weren't working
He was not working He wasn't working
She was not working She wasn't working
It was not working It wasn't working
We were not working We weren't working
You were not working You weren't working
They were not working They weren't working


I were not thinking about this problem No estaba pensando en este asunto
You weren't doing the shopping No estabas haciendo la compra
He was not hiding anything No estaba ocultando nada
She wasn´t watching tv No estaba viendo la tele
It was not blooming No estaba floreciendo
We weren´t having lunch No estábamos almorzando
You were not eating No estábais comiendo
They weren´t fighting each other No se estaban pegando


Pone el verbo entre paréntesis en pasado continuo en forma negativa.

1 Peter not go to the doctor, so he went to bed.

was not (wasn't) going

2 I not wear jeans yesterday.

was not (wasn't) wearing

3 The sun not shine but it was very hot.

was not (wasn't) shining

4 We not work all the summer.

were not (weren't) working

5 They not read for five hours.

were not (weren't) reading

6 When I got home, my parents not leave .

were not (weren't) leaving

7 You not talk to Ann on the phone.

were not (weren't) talking

8 We not listen to the radio today.

were not (weren't) listening

9 They not shop all the afternoon.

were not (weren't) shopping

10 She not drive home, she came by bus.

was not (wasn't) driving