Past continuous affirmative

Pasado continuo afirmativo

La estructura del pasado continuo en forma afirmativa es:

Sujeto + pasado de "to be" + verbo en forma -ing.

I was working
You were working
He was working
She was working
It was working
We were working
You were working
They were working


I was jumping Estaba saltando
You were doing it very well Lo estuviste haciendo muy bien
He was having fun with his friends Estaba pansándoselo bien con sus amigos
She was playing hide and seek Estaba jugando al escondite
It was ringing Estaba sonando
We were making dinner Estaban haciendo la cena
You were living here for a while Estuvieron viviendo aquí durante un tiempo
They were practising Estuvieron practicando


Pon el verbo entre paréntesis en pasado continuo en forma afirmativa.

1 She admit the crime when I arrived.

was admitting

2 I sell a letter.

was selling

3 Peter buy a computer.

was buying

4 They walk twenty kilometers a day.

were walking

5 The thiefs steal their house.

were stealing

6 John run when I met him.

was running

7 My father and I help her.

were helping

8 You stop the car.

were stopping

9 You two play the guitar.

were playing

10 My daughter stay at home with some friends.

was staying