Exercises: Form -ing / to + infinitive

Verb + 'to infinitive'

Transforma las siguientes oraciones utilizando el verbo en verde y las palabras en negrita de las oraciones dadas.

1 She have lost weight. (seem)

She seems to have lost weight.

2 We didn't water the plants yesterday. (forget)

We forgot to water the plants yesterday.

3 I can't buy a new car at the moment. (need)

I don't need (needn't) to buy a car at the moment.

4 He said he will change his bad behaviour. (promise)

He promised to change his bad behaviour.

5 He will set out at once. (decide)

He decided to set out at once.

6 Why is Mary studying Maths? (choose)

Why did Mary choose to study Maths?

7 I'm looking foward to seeing you again. (can't wait)

I can't wait to see you again.

8 Residents will be relocated shortly. (expect)

Residents expect to be relocated shortly.

9 The teacher helped the students with the question. (solve)

The teacher helped the students to solve the question.

10 John is having dinner on Saturday with me. (I invited)

I invited John to dinner on Saturday (with me).