Exercises: Form -ing / to + infinitive

Verb + -ing

Transforma las siguientes oraciones utilizando la forma -ing y las palabras en negrita de la oración dada.

1 'What shall we do tonight?' 'We could go to the cinema.'
She suggested

She suggested going to the cinema.

2 -Peter:'Can you wait five minutes?' -Mary:'Sure, don't worry.'
Mary didn't mind

Mary didn't mind waiting for Peter five minutes.

3 'Would you make more coffee?' 'Sorry but I'm living in a minute.'
He refused

He refused making more coffee.

4 Don't worry if you arrive late. I'll wait for you.
I don't mind

I don't mind waiting for you.

5 He has always fought for what he believes in.
He keeps on

He keeps on fighting for what he believes in.

6 Mary regrets that she didn't kiss him.
Mary regrets

Mary regrets not kissing him.

7 I don't smoke anymore.
I finally gave up

I finally gave up smoking.

8 George never ride a bike.
I haven't seen

I haven't seen George riding a bike.

9 'Can I come in?' 'Yes, close the door, please'
Would you mind ?

Would you mind closing the door?

10 Breath deeply for a minute. It relax your mind.
If you want to relax your mind, keep

If you want to relax your mind, keep breathing deeply for a minute.