Exercises: Simple future, 'be going to' and simple present IV

Futuro simple, 'be going to' y presente simple IV

Elige la opción correcta.

1 When I ___ you tomorrow you ___ 18 years old.

2 Our plane ____ at 9.30. Don't forget your passports, please!

3 We ___ to London next week. Our new flat is fantastic!

4 As soon as we ___ at the airport, we ___ for a taxi.

5 It's hot. ____ the window?

6 My grandmother ___ to New York next week.

7 The burglars ___ over the wall as soon as it ___ dark.

8 The lights has gone out. The party ___ later.

9 I'm firmly believe I ___ rich one day.

10 Lucy ___ a hundred dollars from the bank when it ___.