Exercises: Be going to II

Futuro simple 'Be going to...' II

Completa las siguientes oraciones usando la forma 'be going to' y verbo marcado en verde para referirse a acciones futuras tal y como se muestra en el ejemplo.

Ejemplo: Mrs Simpson invited me for dinner next Monday evening. I accepted the invitation. (have) I'm going to have dinner with Mrs Simpson next Monday evening.
1 I want to go hiking. Mary will come with me tomorrow. (hike)
I tomorrow.

I'm (am) going to hike with Mary tomorrow.

2 He will change his name and his place to live. She won't stop his criminal behavior. (stop)
A new name and a new place to live doesn't mean he

A new name and a new place to live doesn't mean he's (is) going to stop his criminal behavior.

3 I got an email from my boyfriend. It reads 'I'll arrive at nine tomorrow morning.'(arrive)
My boyfriend said in his email he

My boyfriend said in his email he was going to arrive at nine tomorrow morning.

4 Hayley wrote down on her planner 'Conference next Monday at ten'. (attend)
She at ten.

She was going to attend a conference next Monday at ten.

5 My cousins said 'We are sorry but we cannot visit our grandmother'. (not visit)

They're not (are not / aren't) going to visit his grandmother.
They were not (weren't) going to visit their grandmother.