Exercises: Be going to I

Futuro simple 'Be going to...' I

Completa las siguientes oraciones usando 'be going to' y el verbo marcado en verde.

1 We (visit) Barcelona this winter.

We're (are) going to visit Barcelona this winter.

2 This (be) a whole new chapter in your lives, right?

This is going to be a whole new chapter in your lives, right?

3 We (have) a party next weekend.

We're (are) going to have a party next weekend.

4 You (not connect) to the Internet tonight.

You're not (are not/aren't) going to connect to the Internet tonight.

5 Who (be) your game partner today?

Who's (is) going to be your game partner today?

6 They (not fly) to Moscow next month.

They're not (are not/aren't) going to fly to Moscow next month.

7 (You invite) them to the party?

Are you going to invite them to the party?

8 I (buy) a new car.

I'm (am) going to buy a new car.

9 What time (we get up) tomorrow?

What time are we going to get up tomorrow?

10 I didn't do it and the truth (come) out sooner or later.

I didn't do it and the truth's (is) going to come out sooner or later.