Exercises: Future

Ejercicios del futuro

Ejercicio de futuro perfecto, futuro continuo y futuro perfecto continuo. Elige la opción correcta.

1 The listing reads "all reasonable offers ____".

2 It will take land at 3 a.m in Paris and I ____ for five hours until the next flight departs.

3 Peter ____ for eight hours when his flight arrives.

4 When you finish this course, you ____ how to give first aid medical treatment.

5 When you arrive to pick me up, I ____ tiding the house.

6 I ____ near Murambi, but I won't visit.

7 In a couple of years the children ____ home.

8 Next Christmas I ____ English for five years.

9 They are planning to leave early so they ____ at 6.00.

10 From now on, jobs in green tech ____ the country's economic engine.