Exercises: Simple future and Future continuous III

Futuro simple y continuo III

Formula preguntas para responder a las siguientes oraciones.

1 What ?
The plane will arrive at 10.00.

What time will the plane arrive?

2 When ?
We are going to be on holiday during the month of June.

When are you going to be on holiday?

3 ?
He´ll be speaking to her as soon as he meet her.

Will he be speaking to her as soon as he meet her?

4 'Where ?'
'My father will go to a funeral tomorrow.'

'Where will your father go tomorrow?'

5 ?
Charles will ski this winter as usual.

Will Charles ski this winter as usual?

6 ?
The President is going to visit Scotland in September.

Is the President going to visit Scotland in September?

7 ?
The population won´t grow in five years.

Will the population not/ Won´t the population grow in five years?

8 ?
My brain will explode if I follow thinking.

Will my brain explode if I follow thinking?

9 ?
The sun won´t rise tomorrow.

Will the sun not rise tomorrow?
Won't the sun rise tomorrow?

10 ?
She´ll not find what she needs.

Will she not (Won´t she) find what she needs?