Exercises: Conditional continuous I

Ejercicios del condicional continuo I

Escribe los verbos marcados en verde en la forma correspondiente para crear oraciones con el condicional continuo.

1 Lucy work in London if she speak English.

Lucy would/should be working in London if she spoke English.

2 I not eat this disgusting fish if I not be so starving.

I wouldn't/shouldn't be eating this disgusting fish if I wasn't so starving.

3 She study if she have an exam.

She would/should be studying if she had an exam.

4 Tom not finish his studies this year if he work harder.

Tom shouldn't/wouldn't be finishing his studies this year if he worked harder.

5 My mother cry if she know the thruth.

My mother should/would be crying if she knew the thruth.

6 If they give me the option, I join them.

If they gave me the option, I would/should be joining them.

7 I clean if I have time.

I should/would be cleaning if I had time.

8 You not record the movie if you be at home.

I shouldn't/wouldn't be recording the movie if I were at home.

9 If I have money, I buy clothes.

If I had money, I should/would be buying clothes.

10 Who driving around at this hour?

Who should/would be driving at this hour?