Exercises: Reflexive pronouns

Pronombres reflexivos

Elige la opción correcta.

1 Susan didn´t marry Peter. She went to live with ____.

2My sister often talk to ____ when she´s alone.

3 I don´t like these flowers. Give ____ to Susan.

4 "Why are you walking like that?" "I hurt ____ when I was playing tennis."

5 'Who went with Susan?' 'Nobody.' 'She went by ____.'

6 Stop looking at ____ in the mirror, you´re very beautiful.

7 'Who does the cleaning for Mr Scott?' 'Nobody. He does it ____.'

8 He never listens to his wife and she never listens to ____.

9 My niece is only two but she can dress ____.

10 Look at ____ and pay attention!