Exercises: Relative pronouns II

Pronombres relativos II

Completa las siguientes oraciones a través de un pronombre relativo (that, who, which, whom, whose, what, where).

Ejemplo: John is wearing the jeans. You bought him the jeans. John is wearing the jeans that/which you bought him.

1 Sarah is staying at a hotel. You recomended a hotel to her.
Sarah is staying in the hotel

Sarah is staying in the hotel that/which you recommended to her.

2 We had lunch yesterday at a restaurant. The restaurant was excellent.
The restaurant

The restaurant where we had lunch yesterday was excellent.

3 The book isn't mine. It is lying on the floor.
The book

The book that/which is lying on the floor isn't mine.

4 The woman is very old. She lives next door.
The woman

The woman who/that lives next door is very old.

5 We were talking about a man. He died yesterday.
We were talking

We were talking about a man that/who died yesterday.

6 The shop is closed. You bought the cake there.
The shop

The shop where you bought the cake is closed.

7 You are wearing a scarf. It must be very expensive.
You are wearing

You are wearing a scarf that/which must be very expensive.

8 Your father married a woman. Her parents are millionaire.
Your father

Your father married a woman whose parents are millionaire.

9 I can't understand you. You are saying things.
I can't understand

I can't understand what you are saying / I can't understand the things (that) you are saying.

10 This is the woman. I sent her the picture.
This is

This is the woman whom I sent the picture.
This is the woman that I sent the picture to.