Exercises: at, in, on, from, for, of

Exercises: Prepositions at, in, on, from, for, of

Completa las siguientes oraciones con uno de las siguientes preposiciones: at, in, on, from, for, of.

1 There are over 400 calories 100 grams chocolate.

There are over 400 calories in 100 grams of chocolate

2 Where are you ?

Where are you from?

3 She lives 28 Baker Street.

She lives in 28 Baker Street.

4 Go straight on five kilometers.

Go straight on for five kilometers.

5 I live the fourth floor.

I live on the fourth floor.

6 This is a photo my sister the beach.

This is a photo of my sister at/on the beach.

7 There's nobody left the room.

There's nobody left in/at the room.

8 'Thank you your help.' 'Not all.'

'Thank you for your help.' 'Not at all.'

9 'Are you coming Saturday?' 'Yes, course.'

'Are you coming on Saturday?' 'Yes, of course.'

10 These sweets come Switzerland.

These sweets come from Switzerland.