Exercises: Time prepositions 'at', 'in', 'on'

Time prepositions I: in, at, on

Completa las siguientes oraciones con la preposición adecuada.

1 What do you do ____ weekends?

2 I'm seeing my grandmother ____ Tuesday.

3 Susan is coming ___ five o'clock.

4 - Can I talk to you? - Sorry, but I'm leaving ____ five minutes.

5 There aren't any lions ___ Greenland.

6 We're going to London ____ June for three months.

7 Would you like to come with me ____ Monday morning?

8 I don't need more money ___ the moment.

9 It was so romantic, we met ____ sunset.

10 We all like to think that cars will be able to fly ____ the next century.