Exercises: nouns

Exercises: Countable and uncountable nouns IX- some / any

Elige la opción correcta.

1 There are vegetables in the oven.

There are some vegetables in the oven.

2 Have you got mushrooms?

Have you got any mushrooms?

3 Emma has got old pictures in her house.

Emma has got some old pictures in her house.

4 There aren't buses on Sundays.

There aren't any buses on Sundays.

5 She never has fun.

She never has any fun.

6 If you find mistake, please, tell me.

If you find any mistake, please, tell me.

7 He brought me beautiful roses.

He brought me some beautiful roses.

8 Is there soup left?

Is there any soup left?

9 Have you got free time next Saturday?

Have you got any free time next Saturday?

10 I have just made coffee, can I get you ?

I have just made some coffee, can I get you some?