Third conditional (Type 3)

Tercer condicional

El tercer condicional se usa para imaginar una solución que no sucedió a una situación del pasado.


If I had taken the train, I wouldn't have had the accident.

Estructura del 'third conditional'

Existen dos estructuras posibles para formar este tipo de condicional:

1 If + condition + result:

If + past perfect (condition clause) , would + have + past participle (result clause)
If you had gone to the party , you would have met her.
If we hadn't studied , we wouldn't have passed the course.

2 Result + if + condition:

Would + have + past participle (result clause) if + past perfect (condition clause)
I would have traveled around the world if I had won the lottery.
You would have gone if you had asked me.