Exercises: Second conditional (type 2) II

Ejercicios de segundo condicional

A) Second condicional. Ordena las siguientes palabras para formar oraciones.

  • it'd
  • if he
  • his memories,
  • be a
  • wrote
  • best seller

If he wrote his memories, it'd be a best seller.

  • abroad if
  • a job
  • I would
  • hadn't
  • I
  • move

I would move abroad if I hadn't a job.

  • Louise
  • time
  • might go
  • had
  • to the party if
  • she

Louise might go to the party if she had time.

  • eat
  • I
  • I could
  • would
  • more if

I would eat more if I could.

  • knew
  • might cry
  • if she
  • that
  • She

She might cry if she knew that.

B) Second conditional. Une las siguientes oraciones formando condicionales.

6 I were at home. I would have a rest.

If I were at home, I'd (would) have a rest.
I'd (would) have a rest if I were at home.

7 It was sunny. We could go to the beach.

If it was sunny, we could go to the beach.
We could go to the beach if it was sunny.

8 I were you. I would buy that house.

If I were you, I'd (would) buy that house.
I'd (would) buy that house if I were you.

9 You knew the reasons. You might not say that.

If you knew the reasons, you mightn't (might not) say that.
You mightn't (might not) say that if you knew the reasons.