Exercises: First conditional (type 1) II

Ejercicios del primer condicional

A) First condicional. Ordena las siguientes palabras para formar oraciones.

  • you
  • you'll be
  • tonight if
  • work
  • tired
  • all day

You'll be tired tonight if you work all day.

  • make
  • this afternoon if
  • together
  • I can
  • dinner
  • we
  • a cake

I can make a cake this afternoon if we dinner together.

  • if Patrick
  • at the airport
  • comes, I
  • him up
  • will
  • pick

If Patrick comes, I will pick him up at the airport.

  • whoever
  • I'll
  • want
  • date
  • I

I'll date whoever I want.

  • musn't
  • he finish
  • come
  • if
  • late
  • he

He musn't come if he finish late.

B) First conditional. Une las siguientes oraciones formando condicionales.

6 (Even) It rains. We will go swimming.

We'll (will) go swimming even if it rains.
Even if it rains, we'll (will) go swimming.

7 You want to come. You will be welcome.

If you want to come, you'll (will) be welcome.
You'll (will) be welcome if you want to come.

8 He can win the first prize. He finishes the competition.

If he finishes the competition, he can win the first prize.
He can win the first prize if he finishes the competition.

9 The tree cover the window up. They may cut it down.

If the tree blocks the window up, they may cut it down.
They may cut the tree down if it blocks the window up.