Exercises: passive voice in present simple and continuous III

Ejercicios de pasiva en presente simple y continuo III

Transforma las siguientes oraciones a pasiva negativa o interrogativa, según corresponda.

1 Everybody share the president's opinion. (Negative)

The president's opinion is not shared by everybody.

2 The police catch thiefs every day. (Negative)

Thiefs aren't (are not) catched by the police every day.

3 Lisa does the gardening at weekends. (Interrogative)

Is the gardening done by Lisa at weekends?

4 Children play football at school. (Interrogative- Negative)

Isn't (Is not) football played by children at school?

5 He is taking me for a walk. (Interrogative)

Where are you being taken?

6 Peter write the letter. (Negative)

The letter is not (isn't) written by Peter.

7 He takes the pills three times a day. (Interrogative)

Are the pills taken three times a day (by him)?

8 She opens the shop even on Sundays. (Interrogative - Negative)

Isn't the shop opened (by her) even on Sundays? / Is the shop not opened (by her) even on Sundays?

9 It is recommended to keep milk in the fridge. (Interrogative)

Is milk recommended to be kept in the fridge?

10 Italians eat grapes in New Year's Eve.(Negative)

Grapes are not eaten in New Year's Eve by Italians.