Exercises: Passive voice in present simple and continuous I

Ejercicios de presente simple y continuo I

Reescribe las siguientes oraciones usando la pasiva en presente simple o continuo.

Ejemplo: Somebody cleans the garage every month > The garage is cleaned every month (by somebody).

1 She is going to introduce her boyfriend next weekend.

Her boyfriend is going to be introduced next weekend.

2 They clean the kitchen every day.

The kitchen is cleaned every day.

3 They don't invite me to many parties.

I'm (am) not invited to many parties.

4 My parents are going to bring the cake.

The cake is going to be brought by my parents.

5 They accuse me of stealing money.

I'm (am) accused of stealing money.

6 Somebody is painting the room at the moment.

The room is being painted at the moment.

7 Two men are following us.

We are (being) followed by two men.

8 The mayor is promoting cultural activities.

Cultural activities are being promoted by the mayor.

9 They are weighing the luggage.

The luggage is being weighed.

10 Everybody believed that Muhammad Ali was the most famous boxer of all time.

Muhammad Ali was believed to be the most famous boxer of all time.