Exercises: Reported speech VI

Ejercicios de preguntas en el estilo indirecto

Escribe el estilo indirecto de las siguientes oraciones.

1 'What time does Mary usually go to bed?'
He asked me

He asked me what time Mary usually goes to bed.

2 Peter: 'Sam, are you going to the party?'
Peter asked

Peter asked Sam if he was going to the party.

3 Tom: 'Where will they go on holiday?'
Tom asked

Tom asked where they'd (would) go on holiday.

4 'Shouldn't you be at home?'
He asked me

He asked me if I shouldn't be at home.

5 'Have you watch TV today?'
My mum asked me

My mum asked me if I had watched TV that day.

6 'Where's the cat?'
The kid asked

The kid asked where the cat was.

7 'Which dress did you buy?'
She asked me

She asked me which dress I had bought.

8 'Whose these broken jeans are?'
I asked

I asked whose those broken jeans were.

9 'Is your father on the phone?'
John asked me

John asked me if my father was on the phone. / John asked me if the man on the phone was my father.

10 'Mustn't you quit smoking?'
I asked him

I asked him if he had to quit smoking.