Exercises: reported speech with modals IV

Ejercicios de verbos modales en el estilo indirecto

Escribe el estilo indirecto de las siguientes oraciones.

1 'I may go hiking next Saturday.'
He said that he next Saturday.

He said he might go hiking next Saturday.

2 'Our family mustn't live longer in that house.'
You said that our family longer in that house.

You said that our family hadn't to live longer in that house.

3 'I can't open this folder.'
He said he the folder.

He said he couldn't open the folder.

4 'You must work next weekend.'
I said you next weekend.

I said you had to work next weekend.

5 'My son may not travel to Europe.'
He said that his son to Europe.

He said that his son mightn't travel to Europe.

6 'She'll only sleep five hours tonight.'
He told me that she five hours tonight.

He told me that she'd (would) only sleep five hours tonight.

7 'My friend Peter must be very clever.'
He said that his friend Peter very clever.

He said that his friend Peter had to be very clever.

8 'I may have to face him again,' said Williams.
Williams said that he him again.

Williams said that he might have to face him again.

9 'I will go fishing with my friends.'
I said that I with my friends.

I said that I'd (would) go fishing with my friends.

10 'You mustn't push the button.'
I told you that you the button.

I told you that you hadn't to push the button.