Exercises: Third conditional (Type 3) II

Ejercicios de tercer condicional

A) Third condicional. Ordena las siguientes palabras para formar oraciones.

  • I'd not have
  • If I had
  • appointment,
  • been
  • had an
  • relaxed

If I had had an appointment I 'd not have been relaxed.

  • if I'd
  • there
  • I couldn't
  • she was
  • known
  • have worked

I couldn't have worked if I'd known she was there.

  • I'd have
  • the ticket
  • gone to
  • lost
  • the concert if
  • I hadn't

I'd have gone to the concert if I hadn't lost the ticket.

  • eaten more
  • He'd
  • wanted
  • have
  • if he'd

He'd have eaten more if he'd wanted.

  • would have
  • snowed,
  • we
  • gone skiing
  • If it'd

If it'd snowed, we would have gone skiing.

B) Third conditional. Une las siguientes oraciones formando condicionales.

6 I had been at home. I would have watched the movie.

If I'd (had) been at home, I'd (would) have watched the movie.
I'd (would) have watched the movie if I'd (had) been at home.

7 I would have studied more. I hadn't been ill.

If I hadn't been ill, I'd (would) have studied more.
I'd (would) have studied more if I hadn't been ill.

8 They would have married. They had had the chance.

If they'd (had) have the chance, they'd (would) have married.
They'd (would) have married if they had have the chance.

9 The weather hadn't been so cold. I would have walked to work.

If the weather hadn't been so cold, I'd (would) have walked to work.
I'd (would) have walked to work if the weather hadn't been so cold.