Exercises: question tags

Ejercicios de 'preguntas muletillas' o question tags

Escribe las "question tags" para las siguientes preguntas.

1 He visited his grandparents last weekend, ?

didn't he? / did he not?

2 Your friend Tom isn't coming tonight, ?

is he?

3 He didn't said the truth, ?

did he?

4 He will do the shopping, ?

won't he?

5 He goes to the gym every day, ?

doesn't he?

6 I'm sorry, I'm speaking too loud, ?

am I not? / aren't I? (American English)

7 Mum... let me go to the party, ?

will you? / would you?

8 Nobody phoned last night, ?

did they?

9 He will never forgive me, ?

will he?

10 They have an appartment at the beach, ?

haven't they? / don't they? (American English)