Exercises: Countable and uncountable nouns (some / any)

Nombres contables e incontables: some / any

A) Elige la opción correcta.

1 There is ____ beer in the fridge.

2 Are there ____ grapes in the kitchen?

3 I've got ____ nice rings and bracelets.

4 There isn't ____ wine in my glass.

5 There aren't ___ lions in Greenland.

6 Has your mother got ____ brothers or sisters?

7 We had ___ snow this evening.

8 I can't eat ____ more meat but I'd like ____ more wine, please.

9 Don't make ____ noise. She wants to get ____ sleep.

10 ____ people are very good at languages.

B) Elige la opción correcta.

11 There are vegetables in the oven.

There are some vegetables in the oven.

12 Have you got mushrooms?

Have you got any mushrooms?

13 Emma has got old pictures in her house.

Emma has got some old pictures in her house.

14 There aren't buses on Sundays.

There aren't any buses on Sundays.

15 She never has fun.

She never has any fun.

16 If you find mistake, please, tell me.

If you find any mistake, please, tell me.

17 He brought me beautiful roses.

He brought me some beautiful roses.

18 Is there soup left?

Is there any soup left?

19 Have you got free time next Saturday?

Have you got any free time next Saturday?

20 I have just made coffee, can I get you ?

I have just made some coffee, can I get you some?