Exercises: position of adverbs

Posición de los adverbios III

Manner + place + frequency + time + purpose

Reescribe las siguientes oraciones colocando los adverbios en su posición correcta.

1 I go to school by bike. (never)

I never go to school by bike.

2 Mum goes for a walk (after lunch , usually, every afternoon)

Mum usually goes for a walk every afternoon after lunch.

3 You wake up at eight o'clock. (usually)

You usually wake up at eight o'clock.

4 You play football. (after school / not often)

You don't often play football after school.

5 I am going (for a month, to Paris, next Saturday)

I'm (am) going to Paris next Saturday for a month.

6 He is talkative. (very / in classes)

He is very talkative in classes.

7 I play computer games (sometimes, on weekends)

I sometimes play computer games on weekends.

8 We are very busy. (rarely, on Mondays)

We are rarely very busy on Mondays

9 I have (seen, your son, not, lately)

I have not (haven't) seen your son lately
Lately, I have not (haven't) seen your son

10 I do (not, my homework, in the evening, usually)

I do not (don't) usually do my homework in the evening