Exercises: superlative adjectives

Comparativos: adjetivos superlativos

Escribe la forma superlativa añadiendo "the ____-est" o "the most ____" a los siguientes adjetivos, según corresponda.

1 Difficult

The most difficult

2 Cheap

The cheapest

3 Short

The shortest

4 Busy

The busiest

5 Beautiful

The most beautiful

6 Bored

The most bored

7 Tall

The tallest

8 Nice

The nicest

9 Enjoyable

The most enjoyable

10 Heavy

The heaviest

11 Big

The biggest

12 Old

The oldest / the eldest

13 Interesting

The most interesting

14 Bad

The worst

15 Far

The furthest/farthest

16 Serious

The most serious

17 Thin

The thinnest

18 Cold

The coldest

19 Famous

The most famous

20 Good

The best