Exercises: ordinal and cardinal numbers

Numeros ordinales y cardinales II

Elige la opción correcta.

1 "How old are you?" "I'm ."

I'm thirty > Cardinal number

2 "How many brothers do you have?" " ."

Five > Cardinal number

3 I got it for dollars.

I got it for one hundred dollars > Cardinal number

4 Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Queen Elisabeth the Second married... > Ordinal number

5 'Where do you live?' 'On the floor.'

On the second floor > Ordinal number

6 'How many sweets have you had?' 'This is my .'

This is my fifth > Ordinal number

7 The World War lasted years.

The First World War > Ordinal number
lasted four years > Cardinal number

8 The book has units. I'm still on the one.

The book has ten > Cardinal number
units. I'm still on the second one. > Ordinal number

9 My telephone number has digits.

My telephone number has ten digits > Cardinal number

10 is the number of floors my house has.

Three is the number of floors my house has > Cardinal number